Not your average production studioBreakthrough specializes in helping artists & musicians create music they love. From the writing process to hearing a final mix and everything in between, Breakthrough offers artists a team of award-winning industry professionals that will help develop and polish their sound. 

team work makes the dream work.

There is strength in numbers.

Meet the team.


Filipe Michael

Guitarist/Music Producer, Creator of Dream Foot

Jp Cardona

Music Producer + Vocal Coach, Founder of Breakthrough

Plink Giglio

Dove Award-winning Mix & Mastering Engineer


what we do


We discuss the overall vision of the artist, the musical style/genre. We exchange ideas and determine the approach for the project. We arrange the songs and sequence a demo that is used as a skeleton for the production (also known as the "tracking stage").


All live instruments are tracked during production, but many of the sequenced elements (pads, loops, etc.) are kept from the pre-production stage. This process also includes vocal arrangements & tracking (lead and background vocal tracking). 



This involves the mixing and mastering. This stage balances your tracks to meet industry standard levels and make your mixes ready to share!