NEXT is a small group learning experience at Community Church. It's designed to further people in their walk with God. We decided to create a logo that visibly made reference to its name. Also, keeping with the style and color scheme of the church, we chose a red, white, and grey color scheme. 




Laura Rosa is a rising event planner based in Miami. She is a creative, free-spirit mind who happens to be family and who we were glad to develop something special for. Her brand is a mix of simplicity, elegance, and poise so we wanted our design to feed off of that. We opted to develop a logotype from the client's initials. The design began with Laura sharing her vision and creative approach. We'll let you in on the creative process of this logo design and other stationary items we created.



We began developing this logo for fashionista, a women's fashion event, with simplicity and a fashion forward mindset. Having worked with this event in the past we knew what was expected and the different ways this logo would be used. We sketched and developed more intricate logo concepts but ended up loving how current and versatile this concept was. Following the decision for the logo, we worked on invitation cards with a magazine feel using a photo we shot for one of our model clients back in 2011. Take a look at some merch that was also created with this design!

fashionista flyer.jpg



Kids Community is the kids program for Community Church in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. The inspiration came from the alphabet blocks commonly found in kids playing areas. We wanted this design to be versatile yet classic, but most importantly to appeal to all the little ones attending this program. The combination of the final colors chosen gave this logo a unique and bold look that the kiddos would enjoy. Plus, look how cool the logo looks on the new Kids Community shirts! 





FDV stands for "Fuente de Vida". This organization was looking for a new and modern upgrade to their current design. My immediate suggestion was that we brand this logo by creating an acronym first. We also incorporated the full name in the design as to preserve the essence of the organization. As a designer, I don't usually sketch this many options for a client, I limit it to an average of three. But the inspiration was pretty high up there during the production of this logo so I created not 3 but 6 samples! Interesting enough, the design chosen was the 1st one created. It's unique, versatile and it stands out. Check out all 6 concepts below.