Kairos is a Christian Latin Pop band launching their sophomore album with a unique musical approach and we wanted to do the same with their design. We combined different layers to archive this effect to honor the title of their album "Atmosphere". The color scheme in our design was inspired by the orange-like tones in their outfits. This added a perfect pop to the already neutral tones of the layers we combined. The final product was a 6 panel digipak and a happy artist! 


4 Trinity | CD ART



Appealing to different cultures and genres, 4 Trinity incorporates both English and Spanish in quite a special way. These guys have been in the music industry for a few years and were ready to "step it up" with the way they presented their music. We worked on their photos and CD art direction.  Simplicity and cleanliness was definitely our goal with this project.


Combining elements of country, rock, and soul, Derek Crider has forged a sound all of his own. Derek approached us like many artists do, passionate about what they do and with many ideas to make his project stand out. As a musician myself, we connected right away and got to work quickly. Our goal was to create a cover that looked timeless and that wasn’t tied to one genre of music alone. We had the opportunity to work with Derek in different stages of his album promotion; photoshoot, CD art direction, and video EPK. All in all, it was quite a team effort that made Derek and us proud.