Look who's 1!

Never have we ever made as many goofy faces, sang as many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs, and danced around as much as we did when we shot Julian's 1st Birthday. And who wouldn't do anything to make this little guy smile?! I mean, look at him! We are so happy with the results. 

The concept behind this shoot was to capture little Julian in his natural environment. We shot this in his home, on his living room floor. We relied on the natural lighting peeking in through the large windows and patio doors. It was truly special to watch him interact with his older sister, Selena, and to see him respond in laughter to all of her quirks. A huge thank you to mommy, Candice, and our good friend, Rabia, in helping keep Julian happy and in a good mood throughout the shoot. We hope you love these as much as we do!