Laura + Paul

For starters, you should know that Laura is my sister (Camille, writing here), so you can imagine the excitement we felt when we found out Paul was going to pop the question! He wanted something special, intimate, and symbolic of their relationship. He mentioned their first dates were picnics at the beach. The photographer in both Jp + I got really excited at the possibilities of a romantic styled shoot at the beach. We went on a mission to find simple, boho-chic pieces that could tie the look together. You gotta know that Laura is very inquisitive and curious, therefore, we had to be sneaky to keep this all on the down low. Paul spoke with Laura's manager so that she could come up with a mysterious makeup gig Laura needed to go to at the beach. With that, she suspected nothing. She even asked Paul to accompany her to the gig. It was perfect! We were hiding in the bushes, while he got down on one knee on April, 15, 2017. Her shock and raw emotion was the best. Their love is genuine and their joy is contagious. Hope you enjoy these images.