Guzman Maternity Shoot


Pamela is expecting her second baby and as many other milestones in her life, we were there to capture it. From the couple's engagement, to the wedding day, to their first pregnancy, then to their newborn and now to a second time mom-to-be, we've enjoyed being there to share these moments with them. Over the years, we've built a connection to this family that allows for a  dynamic environment, filled with jokes that keep each session fun. This shoot is what we envisioned for the Guzman crew from the day we started planning. The natural sunlight, the industrial windows and the purity in this mom's smile is what makes this shoot one of our favorites to date.  


I believe it's appropriate to share a memory from October 2009. This is a photo from our shoot together during her first pregnancy! Then and still now, Pamela makes a gorgeous mom-to-be.